Andy Kemmer is a 3L at Michigan State University College of Law and a member of the Editorial Board at the Michigan State International Law Review. He is a fellow with the Access to Justice Technology Fellowship, and wants to use his law degree for entrepreneurial ventures when he graduates.

His interests are diverse, and right now his academic interests are centered around legal technology and innovation, especially in regards to vulnerable populations, and environmental issues related to the law. Those two interests intersect at the corner of environmental justice because it is often the most vulnerable populations who are hit hardest by pollution and other environmental issues. His leisurely interests include athletics, running and biking, and cooking.

This blog will cover the summer of an Access to Justice Technology Fellow working with Michigan Legal Help (MLH) and various related topics. Topics include the innovations that MLH is bringing to legal services, content that will be added to the MLH website, and other helpful technology for lawyers and law students.